Glass Doors, Rugs, Wood Holders and More 

Matchless Stove & Chimney has a quality selection of accessories for any home with a fireplace or stove. From beautiful wood holders to decorate your room with to convenient tool sets, rugs, glass doors, and more, we have what you need to spruce up your hearth products. Browse our selection!

Glass Doors


Glass fireplace doors are a fashionable way to protect your children and pets from the fire, while minimizing heat loss, and saving you money.

Kettles, Rugs, & More
1. Cat Steamer 


Add moisture to the air and a smile to your face with our cat steamer! This adorable steamer is always a hit with pet lovers and animal enthusiasts! The slumbering cat is made of cast iron with a durable porcelain finish inside to resist rusting, as well as a matte black finish.

The cat steamer has a three-quart capacity and weighs fifteen pounds.

2. Fatwood Fire Starter


This 4 lb. bag of Fatwood Fire Starter is the perfect addition to your fireplace supplies. It comes in a simple, mesh bag that will store your caddy refill safely until ready for use!

3. Fireplace Hearth Gloves – Black Suede


Made of suede, these fully insulated hearth gloves feature a glove-in-glove design. Because of the soft but rugged suede material and all around durability, these hearth gloves are a customer favorite. They also feature:
  • 100% split cowhide exterior with a full interior lining of non-asbestos felt
  • Reinforced welted seams to protect finger tips
  • A convenient loop for easy storage

4. Gifts from the Heart, for the Hearth 


Everyone has that family member who lives in front of their fireplace during the holiday season. Help them make the most of their stove or fireplace this year with gifts from Matchless Stove & Chimney! 
  1. Fireplace Gloves
  2. A Tool Set from Matchless has everything you need to build the fire, move the wood & clean up the ashes!
  3. This Fireplace Screen features a bowed design that allows it to stand alone. 
  4. Cat Steamer
  5. The Cast Iron Kettle is a stylish way to combat dry air by adding moisture to any home during the winter.
  6. Maple Wood Bellows
  7. A Sturdy Firewood Rack. Neatly stack and store firewood with a holder like this 24″ wrought-iron firewood rack.
  8. Bag of Fatwood Fire Starter 
  9. Hearth Rugs

5. Jardin Hearth Rug – Cocoa


The Jardin Hearth Rug – Rectangular, Cocoa*
Keep carpets and floors safe from flying sparks in style with a hearth rug. The Jardin hearth rug is inspired by the garden designs of traditional Turkish rugs. It features designs of tulips and carnations, and borders of stylized carnations. 44 W x 22 H

* Rug meets federal requirements of part 1631 (ff2-70) for surface flammability of small carpets

6. Maple Wood Bellows


Beautiful and functional, the Maple Wood Bellows fans the flames by delivering additional puffs of air to your fireplace or wood stove. Watch the flames grow as you use this classic tool.

7. Minuteman Cast Iron Kettle – Black

Keep your family healthy and combat dry air with this cast iron kettle. Designed to humidify your home by adding moisture to the air, it features a spring-shaped handle, and has a capacity of 2.5 quarts. Simply fill with water and let the steam go to work, eliminating dry air. *
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 2.5 Quarts
  • Size: 7 1/2″ Deep x 9 1/2″ Long x 5 1/2″ High
  • Diameter base: 7 1/4″
  • Construction materials: Cast Iron
  • Enameled inside and out. – Ship Weight: 12.01 lbs.
* Designed to humidify a room, not for water consumption.

1. 18210 Screen


Autumn Leaf 3-Panel Screen

Piano-hinged design with thick steel bar stock and tightly mitered corners provide rigid support for years of service. 
  • Quality combined with decorative autumn leaf applique. 
  • Equally at home in rustic or soft contemporary settings. 
  • Center panel width: 30″ matte black finish.

2. Bowed Fire Screen with Tools

The Bowed Fire Screen with Tools 
Has a distinctive curved fire screen and tools in one convenient, attractive unit. This fire screen hangs on a sturdy frame, yet lifts away for fire tending. Depth of bow 6.5″
Screen 18294

3. FAC Screen


Portfolio Bowed Fire Screen

FAC Series
This Bowed Portfolio Screen features a time-honored bowed detail, equally at home in a traditional or contemporary setting.
  • Matte Black finish
  • Depth of bow 6.5”

4. Iron Gate Flat Door Screen

The Iron Gate Flat Door Screen

FGD63 Series
The artful accent detail of this iron gate draws the discriminating eye.

5. Iron Gate Arched Door Screen


Iron Gate Arched Door Screen

FGD63 A Series
The artful accent detail of this iron gate draws the discriminating eye.

6. Straight Door Screen

Straight Door Screen

FGND Series
These fully operable Straight Door Screens feature a straight top door. Available in three standard finishes and two stock sizes.

7. Arched Door Screen


Arched Door Screen

Pilgrim FGND A Series
These fully operable Forged Iron Door Screens feature an arched top door. Available in three standard finishes and two stock sizes.

8. Grand Oak Single Panel Screen


Grand Oak Single Panel Screen

FGT Series
Tasteful applique brings a peaceful calm to the hearth.

9. Full Arch Screen


Full Arch 3-Panel Fire Screen

Full Arch Series
Arch three-panel fire screen with piano-hinged design. Built to last from thick steel bar stock with expertly welded, tightly mitered corners. Center panel width: 30″

10. Minuteman SCR-29 Traditional Black Spark Guard – 38″ x 31″

Your fireplace is the focal point of the room, so let this attractive Spark Guard accentuate its beauty while protecting your home and family from hot embers and flying sparks. This screen is constructed with a durable wrought iron frame and finished in black powder coating. The sleek, one-piece design curves out to a depth of 9 inches. It is 38 inches wide and 31 inches high. Handles in front give you additional grip when you need to move or reposition it. Its traditional style will add elegance to your room and enhance the warm, relaxing atmosphere of your fireplace.

  • Product Dimensions: 38″W x 31″H x 9″D at handles
  • Wrought Iron construction
  • Elegant one-piece design
  • Sturdy handles
  • Black powder coated
  • Product Weight: 15 lbs.

11. Forged Iron Single Panel Screen


Forged Iron Single Panel Screen

RFGN Series 
This Rumford Forged Iron Screen features a single panel flat guard designed specifically for Rumford style fireplaces. Blacksmith workmanship is visible in the shaped and hammered legs, and in the handle accents.

12. Brass Trim Spark Guard


Brass Trim Spark Guard  

SGB Series
This Brass Trim Spark Guard frame consists of large diameter steel rods welded to an extra heavy kick plate to provide rigid support. Polished Brass handles are securely bolted to the frame, not the mesh. Self-supporting when tending the fire. Matte black finish accented with polished brass trim.

13. Iron Trim Spark Guard


Iron Trim Spark Guard

SGI Series
This Vintage Iron Spark Guard frame consists of large diameter steel rods welded to an extra heavy kick plate to provide rigid support. Twisted bar stock handles are securely bolted to the frame, not the mesh. Self-supporting when tending the fire. Accented with vintage iron trim.

14. Wood, Gas & Beyond – 5 Ways to Keep your Pets Safe Around the Fire


There’s nothing better than escaping the colder temperatures by relaxing in front of a warm fire with family and friends, both human and furry! Cats and dogs enjoy the warmth of a fire as much as we do. And while your hearth might become their favorite spot to snuggle by on colder nights, be aware that hot glass, sparks, and flames can be dangerous to your pet. Fireplaces and other heating appliances can pose a threat for curious, playful cats and dogs! But practicing a few safety steps can help your whole family safely enjoy time in front of the fire.

1. Do Set Some Boundaries 

The first step in fireplace safety for your pet is to institute some rules. While some dogs and cats know not to go near hot objects, the heat may not deter a curious pet! It is important for all animals to learn that the fireplace or stove is not a place to play, and to always keep a safe distance. Train your pet to learn boundaries and follow your commands when around a lit fireplace!

2. Don’t Play Near Fire

Even if your dog or cat has been trained to keep a safe distance from the wood or gas fireplace, he/she can still be at serious risk for burns if they play in front of the hearth. Even playing catch or tossing treats near a fire can be unsafe, since wagging tails, long fur, and sensitive paws are just some exposed areas on your pet that could get burned during play time. If your pet is in a playful mood, it’s up to you to move toys and play to another area of your home!

3. Do Invest in a Gate to Be Safe! 

If you plan on using your fireplace frequently this winter, invest in a screen or gate. This is a preventative measure that will ensure dogs and cats are out of harm’s way! Ashes, coals and other fireplace elements are dangerous if ingested, so be sure to keep the barrier up even when the fireplace or insert is not in use.

Depending on your fireplace, you may have a built-in screen. If you don’t, make sure to have one installed. Since some pets are fascinated by reflections, avoid installing anything that is reflective (like glass) to prevent them from burning themselves on contact. For additional safety, consider investing in a child lock for the fireplace doors.

4. Do Check the Damper!

The damper will contain heat when you are not using your fireplace, and will release smoke when the fireplace is in use. If the damper is closed while a fire is lit, anyone in your home at that time will be exposed to dangerous carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide can be deadly to both you and your pets, so always check that the fireplace damper is completely OPEN before starting a fire! And make sure to have at least one working carbon monoxide detector in your home.

5. Do Supervise Your Pet 

Pets are sneaky, and can quickly steal food off your plate, unroll the toilet paper, or chew up your favorite shoes if you look away for a second. While this can sometimes be cute and funny, monitoring your cat or dog around the fireplace is no laughing matter! In a matter of seconds, your pet can get seriously burned by the flames, so be sure to monitor your furry friend closely whenever your fireplace or stove is in use. Supervision at ALL TIMES is critical, so if you need to step away for a few minutes, take your pet with you, or ask someone else to watch them.

Taking these extra precautions will ensure that you and your furry friends can enjoy cuddling in front of the cozy fire all winter long!

For more information on keeping your entire family safe around the fire, contact Sara Madden at Matchless Stove & Chimney is a specialty hearth retailer providing design, installation, and maintenance services for residents of New York’s Capital District.

Tool Sets
1. 18014 Tool Set


Forged Handle Large Tool Set

Vintage iron, hand-forged shepherd’s crook fireplace tools hang from a massive round stock stand for the largest of hearths.

2. 18015 Tool Set


Tool Set

This tool set and stands’ soldiered rope handles express the simple appeal of vintage iron and the warmth of hand-forged details.

3. 18019 Tool Set


Compact Stove Set

Simple, rugged & functional shepherd’s crook tools designed for wood stove tending. Rake is ideal for managing the wood stove ashes. Stable, heavy, round cast-iron base with welded tool holder.

4. 18020 Tool Set


Woodstove Brass Ball Tool Set

Permanently fixed brass-ball handled fireplace tools suspend from a classic cast-iron yolk standing set. Stand features a round cast iron base. The perfect coal rake is included.

5. 18518 Log Carrier


18518 Folding Log Carrier

A vintage iron log carrier, the smooth and elegant arches of this hand-forged wood holder provides express service from the wood stack to the fireside. Top quality suede sling carrier keeps the bark and dirt off of your hearth. Rack features shepherd’s crook-designed accents and folds for easy storage.

6. 18529 Wood Holder


18529 Craftsman Series Wood Holder  

Handsomely styled wood holder combines forged steel and natural stone base components to complement any hearth.

7. Blacksmith Wood Holder


Blacksmith Series Wood Holder  

Designed to fit most fireplace hearths, this heavy-duty bar stock featuring hand-forged accents provides a complimentary wood holder.

8. Iron Gate Wood Holder


The 18534 Iron Gate Series Wood Holder 

Featuring a simple panel flat-guard that fits snugly against the hearth, and bolt-on rear feet for adjusting to uneven hearths. Rugged split top details add a rustic sense of style.

1. Chase Top Shrouds


Open Top and Arched Top Shrouds
The Chase Top Shrouds beautifully finish off your fireplace installation.

  • Two popular styles: Open Top and Arched Top
  • Open Top is available in three sizes 3’x3′ and 4’x4′ for single flues, 4’x6′ for two flues
  • Arched Top is available in 3’x3′ size only
  • Agency-listed for use with all Lennox™ and Superior® wood, direct-vent gas, and B-vent gas fireplaces, stoves and inserts
  • Aluminized steel resists rust and corrosion
  • Mounts easily to top of chase pan or to the corners of the chase
  • May be painted on-site to match the color scheme of the home
  • Includes chase pan spacers for wood fireplace installations (not required for gas fireplaces)
  • Complies with requirements of: UL127, ANSI Z21.50, Z21.88, and NFPA54
  • Knocked-down (stacked flat) for easy shipping and storage. Assembles quickly and easily

2. HY-C Smoke Guard


This ingenious device will cure most smoking problems resulting from a flue sized too small for the fireplace opening. The smoke guard can be used to reduce the height or width of the fireplace, making the ratio of the fireplace opening to flue size more compatible. It is spring-loaded, adjusts from 28 ½” to 48”, and installs easily without tools.


Available in:
  • Black, 4” wide
  • Black, 6” wide
  • Brass-plated, 4” wide

3. Lyemance Energy-Saving Damper

Traditional fireplace dampers leak. They may not leak a lot, but enough to cost you an extra $200 on your energy bill every year! Lyemance Dampers seal with a silicone rubber gasket, not metal-to-metal. Lyemance Dampers feature an easy opening with power lever assist, and mount easily atop a flue tile with silicone sealant. 

Benefits of a Silicone Rubber Gasket include:
  • Tight seals
  • No heat or air conditioning lost up the chimney
  • Downdraft elimination
  • Rain leak elimination
  • Pest entry prevention
Mounts on Top of Chimneys

This is the perfect location to create an airtight seal. A cable that drops down the flue and attaches to a handle is installed. The handle is mounted in the firebox to be easily reached for convenient opening and closing.

Superior Construction

High quality materials that are:
  • Made of cast-aluminum and stainless steal
  •  Precision-fitted with special silicone rubber gasket
Benefits to Having a Lyemance Damper Installed:
  • Replaces leaky throat dampers
  • Seals out moisture to extend chimney life
  • Energy-efficient – seals in warmth and energy
  • Keeps animals out of chimneys
  • Made of cast-aluminum and stainless steel
  • Operates easily from inside the firebox
  • Stops downdrafts
  • Helps prevent odors

4. Secure Vent™ Terminations


Terminations and Shrouds for Vertical or Horizontal installations
The Secure Vent™ terminations give a stylish look to your installation.

  • For use with most Lennox™ and Superior® brand direct-vent gas fireplaces
  • Lightweight, easy-to-install aluminum construction
  • Chase top models for the look of masonry installation in three finishes: Aluminum, Terra Cotta/Black, and Black
  • Durable, powder-coat finish on painted models
  • Round “high wind” model for non-chase vertical applications
  • Horizontal terminations in two sizes (see installation manuals provided with fireplace for non-secure flex installations)

Wood Holders
24″ Wrought Iron Firewood Rack


Neatly stack and store your firewood with the 24″ Wrought-Iron Indoor Firewood Rack.

This sturdy wood holder offers convenient access and storage for your firewood. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the Wrought Iron Firewood Rack is available in three sizes, and finished in a black powder coat.

  • Wrought iron
  • Measures 24″w x 12″d x 22″h
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Warranty Term: 90 days from manufacturer’s defect

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